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亚博网赌安全有保障的-游戏外设的春天来了 雷蛇估值超过10亿美元


本文摘要:Have you heard of Razer?你听闻过雷蛇公司(Razer)吗?

Have you heard of Razer?你听闻过雷蛇公司(Razer)吗?Most people that aren’t avid gamers haven’t—but they should. Investors now value the Carlsbad, Calif. video game accessories company at $1 billion, securing it a place onFortune‘s Unicorn List. The company has been on a tear lately, recently expanding beyond mice, keyboards, and other controllers into virtual reality and “micro-consoles” and wearables built on Google’s Android mobile operating system. With winds at its back, it’s a prime target for acquisition by a large company like Microsoft MSFT 3.11% .除了疯狂的游戏玩家,大多数人有可能没听说过,但大家应当理解一下。这家公司总部坐落于加利福尼亚州卡尔斯巴德市,主要做到视频游戏周边产品,投资人对该公司的估值已超过10亿美元,因此它也在《财富》“独角兽公司榜”上享有一席之地。近年来,该公司的增长势头十分快速增长,早已从传统的鼠标、键盘等掌控设备杀进了虚拟现实、“微主机”和基于安卓移动操作系统的可穿着设备等领域。它也由此沦为微软公司等大公司的主要并购目标之一。

In the video game world, Razer is among the most well-known brands in the business. Peter Warman, a video game analyst at Newzoo, estimates the company’s 2014 revenues to be between $250 and $300 million. With its raised funds—from IDG-Accel China Capital Fund in 2011 and Intel Capital more recently—“they now have the cash to grow these new businesses without losing focus on where they came from,” Warman says.在视频游戏界,雷蛇是全行业最著名的品牌之一。Newzoo公司视频游戏分析师彼得o沃尔曼预测,雷蛇2014年的营收估算在2.5到3亿美元之间。

沃尔曼回应,凭借雷蛇2011年从IDG-Accel中国茁壮基金,以及最近从英特尔资本取得的融资,“他们现在已享有充足的资金,几乎可以在确保原先业务的同时发展新的业务。”Robert Krakoff and Min-Liang Tan founded Razer in 1998 to introduce accessories such as gaming mice to an audience that was being ignored by traditional technology companies. Today, Razer accounts for approximately 30% of the global video game mouse and keyboard business, according to Ed Zhao, an analyst at video game research firm Eedar. Zhao estimates overall North American video game accessories sales exceeded $2.1 billion last year.雷蛇公司是罗伯特o卡拉克夫和陈民亮于1998年联合创办的,该公司主要向不被传统科技公司推崇的游戏发烧友获取游戏鼠标等电脑配件。游戏研究公司Eedar的分析师艾德o赵认为,雷蛇如今早已占有全球游戏鼠标和键盘市场大约30%的份额。他预测称之为,去年北美地区的游戏周边产品的销售额多达了21亿美元。

But its enormous valuation is likely a product of the company’s high-profile partnership with Tencent in China, which will allow it to integrate WeChat, the Chinese company’s popular messaging service, into its Nabu wrist bands, which are intended for a broad audience beyond hardcore gamers.雷蛇取得如此低的估值,很有可能是该公司与中国互联网巨头腾讯公司签订战略合作伙伴关系的结果。此项合作使得雷蛇需要将中国时下最风行的消息应用于——微信构建到它的Nabu手环中。Nabu手环是雷蛇为更有游戏发烧友以外的用户而作出的一次根本性希望。“Razer has an almost ‘cult status’ brand image that it has built up over the past 15 years,” Warman says. “What also sets it apart from most competitors is the range of products that includes both console and PC peripherals, as well as gaming laptops. Razer has always been motivated to use its software with its products, giving them a more continuous relationship with their users. This is an important asset in the broadening of their product portfolio into tablet controllers, smart bands, and the Open Source Virtual Reality platform. These services could open up completely new business models for Razer.”沃尔曼回应:“在过去15年里,雷蛇在游戏圈里早已创建起了完全是‘圣杯’级别的品牌形象。



这些服务需要为雷蛇打开一套全新的业务模式。”Warman believes Razer’s cross-platform focus on gaming enthusiasts could be a good fit for an acquirer like Microsoft, which plans to introduce a PC-console game offering with Windows 10. The OSVR platform may also be of interest to the folks in Redmond.沃尔曼坚信,雷蛇对游戏发烧友的跨平台吸引力,非常适合微软公司这样的潜在收购者,后者于是以计划发售一款配备Windows 10系统的PC游戏机。此外,雷蛇的开源虚拟现实平台也有可能让微软公司产生兴趣。

Tan, Razer’s chief executive officer, believes that the company’s independence has been integral to its success. Razer has 400 employees and 10 offices across the U.S., Europe, and Asia. “Whether we are part of a larger organization or we do it ourselves, it’s really what Razer stands for as a brand,” Tan says. “I really don’t think it makes a difference. What makes a difference is that the people within Razer continue to focus on delighting our users all the time and exceeding their high expectations.”雷蛇公司CEO陈民亮则指出,公司的独立性是顺利的适当因素。雷蛇公司在美国、欧洲和亚洲共计成立了10个办事处,享有400余名员工。“不管是作为一个大企业的一部分,还是独立国家运营,最重要的是雷蛇作为一个品牌代表的是什么。

我指出(否被并购)并不最重要,最重要的是雷蛇人能否之后集中精力讨好我们的用户,并打破他们的高预期。”Despite competition from companies such as Logitech, Mad Catz, Corsair, and SteelSeries, Razer has distinguished itself by operating as a so-called platform company, rather than as a pure product manufacturer. Still, it dominates: Razer is currently the number-one maker of gaming mice and gaming keyboards in the world and leads the pack in the ultra-competitive gaming headphones market, despite strong competition from Turtle Beach, Astro Gaming, Polk, and HyperX.虽然面对着来自罗技科技、美加狮、Corsair和赛睿等竞争对手的竞争,但雷蛇将自己看作了一家做到平台的公司,而不是一个纯粹的产品生产企业。即便是这样,雷蛇仍然是行业的龙头老大:目前雷蛇是全球仅次于的游戏键盘与鼠标制造商,在竞争出现异常白热化的游戏耳机市场上也是一路排在,将Turtle Beach、Astro Gaming、Polk和HyperX等竞争对手相比之下甩在了身后。

“While other companies either sell hardware or make software, we do both,” Tan says. “And we integrate the software with the hardware really well. If you go on Facebook or Twitter or WeChat we are the world’s leading lifestyle brand for gamers, and gaming has become a larger subculture over the years. And we don’t just participate in the industry. We are focused on pushing core technology as opposed to just making something in China.”陈民亮回应:“其他公司要么买硬件,要么买软件,而我们软硬件都买。我们把软硬件统合得十分好。你到Facebook、Twitter或微信上想到就不会找到,我们是全球领先的游戏周边品牌。这些年来,游戏早已出了一种规模可观的亚文化。

另外我们并非只是行业的参与者,我们更加侧重推展核心技术,而不是非常简单地在中国生产什么东西。”Razer has an active community of over 3.7 million gamers who not only buy its gaming laptops and accessories, but use its voice-over IP services and purchase Razer-branded clothing. The company has sold over 13.5 million connected devices and has over 11.5 million registered users across its software platform. And it registers approximately 20,000 new gamers daily.雷蛇享有一个由370万玩家包含的活跃社区,他们不仅出售雷蛇的游戏本和周边配件,还用于它的VoIP技术,并大力出售雷蛇品牌的服装。

雷设早已售出了1350多万台联网设备,其软件平台享有多达1150万名登记用户,而且每天追加的登记玩家都在2万名左右。Razer debuted its OSVR platform at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. A dozen companies have since signed on as partners, including Hollywood studio Jaunt and game engine maker Unity. Tan says Razer wants to give game hardware and software companies the ability to develop products that will work seamlessly across Oculus, Sony, Samsung, and other virtual-reality devices. Razer is also developing its own VR controllers for the platform.在今年的拉斯维加斯CES消费电子展上,雷神首次展览了它的OSVR开源虚拟现实平台。在那次活动后,有数多家公司沦为了雷神的合作伙伴,还包括好莱坞电影工作室Jaunt和游戏引擎制造商Unity等等。

陈民亮回应,雷蛇期望使各大软硬件公司需要研发出有在Oculus、索尼、三星和其他虚拟现实设备上无缝运营的产品。雷蛇也在基于该平台研发自己的虚拟现实游戏机。It’s also entering the second screen experience with Forge TV, a micro-console that will allow gamers to stream PC games to their TV and also play mobile games on the large screen. And its Nabu X smart band is designed to allow gamers to connect with each other in the real world and share game information. Together, the devices give Razer presence on all four screens that today’s gamer uses: PC, TV, mobile, and wearable.此外,雷蛇还与微主机公司Forge TV合作,打造出所谓的“第二块屏幕体验”,使玩家将PC游戏通过网络流媒体挪动到电视上,取得更爽的游戏体验,同时他们也可以通过电视玩游戏移动游戏。雷蛇的Nabu X智能手环还可以使玩家在真实世界中相互交流,并共享游戏信息。

这样一来,雷蛇就确保了它在玩家大大小小的四块屏幕上都占据不能动摇的地位——PC、电视、移动、可穿着。“We see a blurring of lines across all of these four screens and we want to provide a holistic, integrated experience for gamers,” Tan says. “What differentiates us from everyone else is that we are hyper-focused on the gamer. They have an incredibly strong influence on technology.”陈民亮回应:“我们指出,这四块屏幕之间的界限正在显得模糊不清。同时,我们想要为玩家获取原始的游戏体验。

我们和其他公司仅次于的区别就是,我们高度注目于游戏玩家。他们对科技具有难以置信的强劲影响。”And, Razer hopes, its future revenues.当然,雷蛇同时高度注目的,还有未来的收益前景。